Friday, September 19, 2008

Energy Alert - Where's My New Outlet?


My Dear Friends:

Hurricane Ike has come and gone from Houston and moved through the US. So, I felt an update to this hurricane blog was appropriate...

I am including excerpts from “What’s Up on Planet Earth” because I have been saying the same things using the same metaphors to illustrate what’s happening right now. It’s an amazing time in the energy of the “shift,” a major shift in humanity’s consciousness. Remember, sometimes the darkest hour is just before the dawn. The hurricane that swept through the US is an indicator of how big and how fast the energy is traveling. It was hundreds of miles wide and deep. It has caused upheavals in power systems throughout the country from Texas and Louisiana all the way to Ohio and Illinois. It is no accident that Houston, the energy capitol of the world, shut down its grid almost completely, with millions of people still without electricity. This is part of the plugging into the new system. Keep your eye on the prize now and be clear on what you want.

Consider the following, written on 9/12 before the hurricane hit, in this context of the shift. And, note that a huge shift occurs at the Equinox this coming week, if you’re willing to choose it and accept it. Let go of fear.

Here’s what it says on the latest energy alert at


We are still in a stage where we have unplugged from one “outlet,” and our plugs are hanging in mid-air until we plug into a new “outlet”…but the glimmerings are arriving for that very new outlet in strange and sometimes subtle ways. While we are in the unplugged stage, we are preparing and re-aligning in preparation for a whole new us with a very new role, or new aspect to our current roles.

So then, being unplugged means that things are still, as we bottom out before we begin again. When things are still, at times it can feel that there is more going out than coming in, but this will change when we plug in once again. Things may be still without, but not within! During this preparation period, we are given the opportunity to open and to embody much more light. After this stage is complete, we then begin to feel the glimmerings of a very new connection.

You may suddenly feel very empowered for no particular reason. You may feel like taking a stand. You may feel ready to let go of any of the old that has entwined itself around you or that perhaps you interacted with out of politeness. You may feel like you did your part in a higher way, but you were the only one, and now you must move on….ready to dis-connect completely from any energies that were in a very different space than you. You may feel like it is time to have your way.

Some are having dreams of empowerment, of re-connecting to something new, solid, and of a much higher order, and others are finding new strength in setting boundaries. The past year and a half have been challenging for many, but we are about to finally re-connect to something we have not felt for a very long time…and it will be even better than what we have known thus far.

You may be feeling the glimmerings of being strong once again, as during the dis-connect, we can become disconnected from our true and authentic selves because we are moving into a more pure and higher vibrating version of ourselves. This can make one feel weak, fragile, lost, weepy, and frightened, but it is only temporary. It reminds me of a heart transplant surgery, when the old heart is removed, and all the blood is drained from a patient before a very new heart is then implanted.

In addition, a big shift has occurred over the past several months, even though it may not have seemed like much was happening at all. This shift is directly related to what is about to occur, and all of it has to do with re-connecting to a new and different energy. Over the past several months, we were removed from the old, prohibited from holding it up in any way, and may now have found ourselves in a very new space. Our old roles of holding the light for the entire planet were now abruptly over. This may have caused confusion for some, as who we had always been had suddenly changed, but we are, as always, evolving. We did not need to do this anymore, as we had completed one very important phase.

In times past, the higher energies would bombard the planet, and thus, create frequent shifts. But as time went on, and as we progressed so much in our spiritual evolutionary process, the higher vibrating energies coming from the outside began to diminish and subside in frequency and duration. There-for, these phases of “everything is going so well!” and “there is so much light!” became fewer and far between.

But there is good reason for this seeming lack of light and presence of “darkness.” We are now embodying much more light within. …But what is actually occurring is that we need to carry the ball now…ourselves. The scales have tipped….we are the light as never before. There is still the same amount of light, only it is has now been distributed a bit differently, as it is now within us to a much greater degree.

In this way, we are very strangely releasing from the whole…the whole being the outside energies of the universe or Source, as well as the whole being the old energies of prior creations on the planet. And yes, of course we are still and will always be connected to Source, only now we will be running and managing our energy in higher and different ways. We will be finding that the way we utilize energy will now be a bit different. We will thus need to manage energy through ourselves in different ways, and we will be guided and connected to these different ways without needing to consciously know how. So then, we have graduated.

In this way, we are now being encouraged to do what we want to do…We can now choose what we want, and then make it work. It is entirely up to us. There is no right or wrong, or even guidance from above, as the only guidance now is that “it is up to us.” We have earned it. We are re-connecting then, but we are re-connecting to ourselves…our true, authentic, and light filled selves.

But we are also connecting to a new whole, while we release from an older and more densely vibrating whole of the past. The new whole is comprised of purer energies…and most importantly, it is comprised of us. So then, we are connecting to ourselves and we are also connecting to each other. It is then, much more about us now.

As we release the “old whole,” we begin to learn about discernment and boundaries. Although we may still have many different energies wanting to arrive within our spaces, we will now interact with them in new and better ways. This is because we are no longer connected to them in the ways of the past. We are now more detached and can simply see love in every situation, as we now know that everything is not about us. We need no longer “work with them” or even try and be a part of them. We are no longer connected, so we can now observe them, know that they are not about us, and hopefully see them in a loving way.

Wonderful things are about to transpire, but these wonderful things are all in relation to how we choose to handle or interpret what occurs for us on a daily basis. We need not be “waiting” for a better day to arrive, as each day has, as always, its’ own gifts and beauty if we only choose to look. The better day, then, comes through us. In this way, we are now more powerful than ever before. Yes, we may have utilized this knowledge and these principles in times past, but there has been a monumental shift now, so things are different in this regard.

As the equinox of September 22nd draws near, so will our shifting and connecting to things new. Brighter and better things will depend upon each and every one of us now, more than ever before, as we are the ultimate creators. Connecting to our passion, to our true and authentic selves, to what makes us feel great, and to good and special friends are the ultimate ways to connect to more light. And knowing who we really and truly are, while bringing that gift to the planet, will automatically place us in one big and awesome alignment.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

After Rita, Back to Work...

I'm back in the office today after an exciting, but pretty uneventful weekend of Hurricane Rita in Houston (for me). I was lucky enough not to even lose power. I understand that was not the norm. Lots of people did not have power on Saturday. But, as I like to joke, "I have the powahhhh!" lol

I'm so spoiled; all I had to complain about was having accidentally bought sugar free creamer for my coffee, which I hate. I'm a natural sugar girl, and that sugar free stuff tastes horrible, but isn't that crazy? What a thing to complain about when I was on my computer in the safety of my own home with water, ice and air conditioning all weekend. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Others were complaining about having to water their lawns after a hurricane. That's just not right, not to even get enough rain to drench the plants, but the alternative is so much darker and less appealing. Still others begged for cooler temperatures after the wind blew through, but no, it's hot as H Houston again. It's going to be 96F degrees today (Norfolk, that's 35C). Way too hot for the end of September. But again, gratitude for what didn't happen.

I've been setting up computers and printers and fax machines so our temp people can get paid for the work they did last week. And although I want to be of service to them in that way, what a hassle for my semi-tech brain. I have to stretch my knowledge of tech stuff and spend time on the phone with troubleshooters etc. It's not my favorite thing to do, but hey, I'm one of four people in the office, so I'm doing my share of whatever I can to get us back to normal. I'm not sure back to normal is a possibility after this experience. I think normal is so far from what it was that everyone has changed.

Life goes on, and those who had it bad are picking up the pieces, and we who were spared the brunt of the storm are returning to our lives. Although it was great not to have traffic this morning, I have great empathy and sympathy for the many people who cannot get back because they don't have gasoline to sit in long lines returning. I am soooooo glad I didn't leave town. I cannot be grateful enough for that piece of insight and guidance.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who kept me company while I was "riding the big waves" of energy and holding a vision and purpose here in the Bayou City of Houston, Texas. It was truly an exercise for me in faith and trust of my guidance. And, I held the lives of several other families in my hands when they asked me whether to go or stay, and they lived down south at Clear Lake on the edge of the water. But the message was the same, that if they decided to stay, they would be safe. It's a difficult responsibility to say those words and feel confident that it's true when there is a category 5 hurricane sitting in the Gulf moving in your direction. Because what if? I could not even feel the what if in me. I had a huge wave of knowing that we were safe. Against all the weather technology and all the forecasts, Spirit came through and delivered on its promise to me and all who asked.

What a weekend. Life changing. My friend Sue says we all had a near-death experience because we didn't know for sure if we'd survive, and each of us who stayed were acknowledging we were willing to take that chance, and we did. And we dodged the bullet.

Thanks again for the company and the support and love I felt from all of you.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Response from afar on the hurricane blog...

I've read and re-read and I think it was more the energy that came off your words as I read it this morning. On re-reading, it swamped me again and it's so huge that I'll try to give you an idea but I don't know if it'll come through.

Your sitting there, waiting for a hurricane to strike (for God's sake girl!) and processing information, emotional etc as you wait. Pink jeans and all.

"Take a good hard look at yourself".
"Rethink your life"
"If you don't like what's outside, look inside"
"examining my life"
"what have you hidden from yourself"
"process of spiritual analysis"
"focus positive energy"
"claim your power"
"express it"

I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. It's almost as if a conscious part of myself was sent over to you with my energies, and I went through a whole heap of emotional stuff over the weekend but sat back and observed rather than jumping into it. I was still in that space when I read your email this morning and it was so positive, so uplifting, and all from someone who was sitting out a hurricane!!!!!! It just seemed bigger than Ben Hur in that moment. Actually. It still does.

I'd like to take a minute and share something with you though. On Tuesday morning I had a powerful push to put an Advertisement in The Norfolk Islander, and that's a scary thing for me, but it was so powerful that I simply sent them an Ad, saying

Spiritual Readings Flagstaff, Kingston Are you feeling stuck in old patterns and wish to rewrite your script? Is your head swirling with new energies, and are fears crippling you? Gaye is a Norfolk Islander, artist, author and mystic. At her home
overlooking Kingston she offers readings, spiritual healings, crystal layouts, balancing and cleansing of chakra’s followed by down to earth discussion. Bookings essential

No other info. Opened the Islander on Saturday evening and there's a quarter page Ad, two pages in from the front! I gasped. Shrank. Then screamed with laughter and thought, Boy oh Boy, I bet the Big Boys are just dancing in delight and saying to each other, "Wait, wait, she's opening the paper, she'll see it in a minute and will simply DIE!!!!" What a scream. Now that is a real universal joke. I sit now and wait for the consequences to roll in.

That's what I meant when I said that you've taken me beyond my normal little world and allowed me to share something, so big, so vast, that it would change my life! It was already happening. It's been happening to me since my first email to you. Is it a carry on for the love I feel for you and the encouragement and support I wanted to give you! Is it in the giving that I'm receiving. I feel that it is. I feel that I don't often genuinely want to GIVE of myself. I have no idea what I'm going on about. It's a huge change. I'm lovin it.

Love n Light, Ease and Grace, AIDO (All in Divine Order)
from: Gaye on Norfolk Island

Focus on the Future - Interactive Dialogue...

Dialogue about the last post: >><< Otherwise: KB: Karen Beth Glunz-Bagwell

>>Thanks for the note. Let me walk through your e-mail and respond as much as I can. I could label this post like Bob Frissell and Bret Lilly already wrote in their 1991 book, "Nothing in this e-mail is true, but it's exactly the way things are (for me). <<

KB: I admit that when I read your first issue where you were talking about changing the course of aspect of my personality reared up to disregard and scoff... within a second my "aware ego" (a voice dialogue term that I like), quietly witnessed that program, "thanked it for sharing" (rather than attaching) and moved on to my mantra questions "How Does It Get Better Than This? What Is Right About This That I May Not Be Seeing".

>>I always begin by asking what is the highest and best vision I can see, and then I focus on that. I also allow for the "all in divine order" aspect of everything. I also ask what is the gentlest, most flowing way we can get the lesson, whatever it is. In this case, the best scenario I could see was that the storm go to the desert areas in south Texas, but that was not the outcome, and I am happy with the way it all played out. It could have been so much more devastating, and yet for some, it is total devastation.<<

KB: I am in wonder. There is an aspect of my personality that has some "RE" action to the statement, "information from my guides" if this information coming from another realm (or not) has more credence, more justification, than coming from you? Several of my friends have asked me to stop "quoting" people e.g. Bryon Katie, one of my favorite spiritual mentors. Actually, all my spiritual mentors are my favorite - tsk! You are one of my favorite spiritual mentors. Anyhow, my intention is to give credit where credit is due.

>>When I perceive that the information is coming from other beings from other realities, then I say "my guides" because I never ask who they are. I don't care who they are, only that they are the highest and best for the purpose at hand and that the information that I get is truth for those hearing it (sometimes subjective truth) for the issue at hand, and that whatever comes through me be used to create a powerful and postive future reality. If I read something, I quote the author.If you tell me something, I quote you. If I think something on my own, I say it as if it comes from me. If it comes from a being such as Shilam-Si-Ra who declares itself, then I attribute it to Shilam-Si-Ra. If it is Isar, an archetypal being of the winds of change, I attribute. You and I may be one, but we're still living separately in a world of duality, or we would not exist separately from each other, even if it may be only a perception.

Invisible beings revealed to me that there are so many beings that share this planet that are not detectable to our normal 5 senses, but that does not mean we can't know and interact with them. Do they not exist just because we don't see them? Do they not exist and have a purpose and reason for being just because we all come from oneness? For someone else to tell you how to express yourself may be them holding you in judgement. I know many things on my own, but not everything in this universe can fit into the small container of me all at once, so things outside this container communicate with me, and sometimes they do have a larger vision and ability to see the bigger picture than the "little I" does. Figure out for you what feels right and do that, even if it is in conflict with others who hold a different view. When I feel that I know all these things without input from other beings, then I will speak with my own authority, and when I feel that others have given me input on a subject, I will name them if I can. If not, I may just call them "my guides."<<

KB: One of the things that Bryon Katie says is that "we are being thought" rather than thinking. Only when we are in creative thinking do we have some originality. Otherwise, all of the 56,000 thoughts running through us, filtered by the brain, are random, recycled thoughts, from the mass consciousness, seemingly pertaining to our individual situation. Or not.

>>I believe that's true, but not the whole truth, and I believe that we cannot know the whole truth as long as we are physically incarnated. I also believe that we can begin to sort out what is recycled thoughts of the mass consciousness and what is inspiration from our Divine Source, and what is individual consciousness from different realms, but we have to develop attention to subtle details to know. And sometimes it doesn't matter what it is, it's what we do with it, how we express it, use and be it.<<

KB: Take for example the thought that cycled into my brain immediately when you posed the possibility of affecting Rita? It was instantaneous. My aware ego recognized it almost as quickly (gratitude abounds) and choose to detach, allowing flow rather than resistance.

>>We often judge it to be arrogant to think we can affect weather patterns and the patterns that seem to be larger, random and issuing from some unknown source. But everything has consciousness and can be communicated with if we find the language to transmit and receive. Of course, we deal with the consequences of what we ask for. For instance, where would you send the hurricane if you send it away from your area? Who deserves it more or less? Who has the right to make that decision and what responsbiility do we bear for asking such a huge favor of the "system?" These are always the questions of claiming power and wielding it knowingly and wisely and compassionately. I always ask for the highest and best outcome for all concerned, and that the least harm be effected, and the most good come of it. If we are to be powerful and to stop naming others as our source, we also take on the responsibility
(response-ability) of these actions. It's a huge piece of evolution.<<

KB: Joe Vitale wrote a piece that Sandra Zimmer shared with me..."we are more powerful than we know". After reading your piece and Joe’s piece among others, I choose to play BIG instead of small. I choose to visualize dissipation. I choose to stay in my question mantras and to meditate so as to detach from the thoughts and drama that the media kept pushing.

>>Good job.<<

KB: I like the way Abraham Hicks teaches about “flow and resistance”. I now look at the vibration of “commitment” as resistance versus flow. Same with the use of the word acceptance. I view it (at this moment and I am willing to have it transform again and again and again) as solid thus resistant rather than flowing...I like the term focus rather than commitment which allows for flow, evolution, and transformation.

>>Some of that is just semantics, word triggers. For me, commitment has a deep and loving sense of a long-term process, and within that commitment, flow plays a role, and resistance plays a role. I have a commitment to my spiritual path and my personal unfoldment, and I follow the flow until I reach a resistance. Then I deal with my resistance until it turns back into flow. It's like a rock in the water. If I need to rest from swimming, I may be grateful for a rock to climb out on while I strengthen myself for further swimming. We are too willing to judge ourselves and others in the process of living, and life keeps flowing over our rocks and giving us lessons anyway.<<

KB: I am learning to stay in the question unless I am in mind storming (creative
thinking) mode. This is key for me right now.... answers are still so programmed and become solid……being “right”. According to quantum physics, the answers transform the minute we “observe” them. The reason that our reality seems to be “the same” is that
we are in resistance rather than flow.

>>What about the possibility of agreement rather than resistance? We have many levels of consciousness within our personal system, and some are in resistance, some are in flow, and some are perfect harmony and balance and agreement. We may be in flow all along, but we have judged our reality, and so we decide we're in resistance, and then, of course, we are. Always allow for the possibility that everything is true, not one thing or another, but everything at the same time.<<

>>Just my opinions and my experiences, and I am changing every day. Do I understand it all? Of course not. But I am a believer, a true believer. I believe that whatever I believe is true. And, that all each of us has is our beliefs because the big questions have no answers that we can truly know in our limited form. And, this planet has room for all realities simultaneously, and room for us to honor each other in our multitude of beliefs, practices and understandings. And that is the beauty of living separately and coming together toward community and oneness.<<

Saturday, September 24, 2005

1:11 pm - The Winds of Change - Focus on The Future...

For general distribution with credit to the author:
Sandy Penny, Houston, TX,

It's just after noon on Saturday in Houston after Rita hit the Gulf Coast. As promised by my guides, I was spared the brunt of the storm. In fact, we had a worse storm than this a week or two ago which is normal for Houston. There was no lightning, some wind but not terrible, and the rain was intermittent. The sun is now coming out some, off and on. All is well.

But that's not why I'm posting this right now. The reason is that with 2.5 million people out of the Houston area right now, this is a great time to focus love and easy changes here. I can feel how clear the energy is with the people gone and the wind blowing through. It's wonderful, really.

It was explained by my guides that both these storms were born in Virgo, and that they were clearing old karma and revitalizing the Gulf Coast energy. Katrina was born in Virgo and delivered in Virgo. She was about clearing old patterns. Rita was born in Virgo but delivered in Libra. It is about restoring the balance and implementing change.

So much was learned in this process about our systems and ability to handle a crisis, and much of it needs big improvement. So much was restated about the good hearted people here and the help they offer each other in times of need. It really is a friendly, caring, open-hearted city. We hosted 250,000 refugees of Katrina from Lousiana, and we shared our resources with them and helped them have the time and space to make decisions about their future. Many of them are changing their lives for the better, and that's what this is about. Change for the better.

It is time for all of us to rethink our lives and ask ourselves the hard questions. Are we, as individuals, happy with what we're living and creating on this planet - in our own lives. We have to stop looking at the systems outside ourselves and ask if we're doing any better on a personal level than our systems are doing on a public level. Our systems are only a reflection of what we do and allow in our lives. If we give up and give our power to others, then we have no viable reason to complain about what they do. We have to take personal responsibility (response-ability) for ourselves and our friends and families, and then our systems will begin to reflect that. If we get caught in greed, our systems reflect greed. If we are stuck, our systems are stuck. Conversely, if we are loving and helpful, our systems can be loving and helpful. If we're angry, we get anger.

Take a good hard look at yourself and your life as you have lived it. If there is anything that you want to change or do differently, this is the time to do it. The free energy of change is available to us all right now. It's not just for the areas being hit by waves of change. This planet is a single unit, and we are all one with it and dependant on it. Don't get caught in victim consciousness or feeling powerless. We can make changes if we truly want to, and now is the time to make that commitment.

Ooooh, what a scary word, commitment. I recently complained that a friend of mine was unable to make a commitment, and doing my own process with why I was experiencing that, I found that there were important areas in which I have not made a commitment. For a while, I lost my trust and faith in Spirit providing for me. I took the reigns from Spirit and drove myself into the corporate world, trusting that it would take care of my day-to-day needs. And it did for a while, but then it fell off, my writing projects went away, and money got very tight. I felt squeezed by financial commitments, and I went deeper into the corporate world (which can be right for some people, just not for me).

On examining my life, I found that I am happiest, most fulfilled and most taken care of when I'm doing my spritual work. When I commit to it, it commits to me. So, I pulled my energy out of the corporate structure and placed it back into my spiritual path. That's when the Ozarks project showed up, and the vision of it was there all along, and it existed long before I made the connection with it. I was slowing down my own process. And Spirit does not judge the decision we make, so if we choose to ignore our guidance and commit to something else, Spirit lets us do that (except in extreme cases where we need to make a change for a particular reason instantly, and we're in resistance, then Spirit may move it for us, but not usually). We have to get in alignment with our highest and best good. We are like sailboats, we have to hoist our sales and place ourselves in the path of the wind to be carried along by Spirit. So, what is it that you need to commit to? What is it that brings your joy? Where is your passion? What have you hidden from yourself that needs to be expressed?

And, speaking of hiding, I recently judged a friend as hiding things from others, and doing my own process on it, realized that I was hiding my spiritual life from the general public. I have always known that I needed to go into a larger venue with the information I bring through from Spirit, but I have intentionally kept it small because I did not want to deal with judgement of the masses. I had a separate website for my business writing and my spiritual writing because I didn't want businesses to judge me due to my beliefs and not give me work. Now, I am committed to integrating my spiritual writing into my WritingMuse site, and creating a whole life for myself. Those who would judge my beliefs are not people I want to work with. And, it's probably more of a non-issue than I think. It's my own fear at work separating me from my wholeness and my joy and passion.

I want to call to your attention to the process I've been going through and always choose to go through. It's a process of spiritual analysis. If I am judging others, then I am seeing something in them that I don't like in myself. I may not know that or even want to know it at the time, but it is true, nonetheless. If I examine myself to look for that piece within me, I can heal it and move out of judgement, and the experience changes outside of me. When I change inside, my outside experience changes. It may take a while to reflect back appropriately, but it does change.

I would like all of you to focus positive energy on Houston and the surrounding areas that were more affected by the storm, and then to focus on the storm in your own life and see what changes you are being called to make, if any. Where are you being asked to amp up the energy for yourself? This is so great. The scenarios are abundant, wonderful, and so beautiful.

Claim your power and express it and share it with the world. It's time to go. It's time to take advantage of this window of opportunity to let the fresh air blow through your life and the whole world.

Peace, joy and gentle changes.

9:12 am - Sept. 24, 2005 - Good Morning from Houston

Good Morning from Houston. I slept through most of the bad weather last night. Nothing to report from my home. I still have power, and no tree limbs down, and all my windows and phone intact. There were some fires around town from power lines down, and that's a big problem for the fire department in this wind, but it's coming under control. We have had a good response team mostly. The evacuation was not a great thing, but 2.5 million people trying to exit the city en masse is a huge undertaking. I'm glad I decided to stay.

As my I-ching reading told me, I was spared the brunt of the storm as all of Houston was. Further east in Beaumont, TX, they were hit pretty hard, but from what I can tell, the storm dropped to a Category 2 when it hit land. So, it was much kinder to us than it was to New Orleans last time, and I think New Orleans got a lot of rain from the dirty side of this storm, so it will be in bad shape.

I am fine, feel completely blessed and supported by all of you, and I feel we did a great job of lessening the effects of this storm by focusing positive energy on the outcomes. Thanks for your help in that.

I'm still here, and all is well. Time for some coffee.

2:10 am - 09/24/2005 - Wind and Rain Coming Down

I just woke up from a good sleep to the sound of wind and rain. Because we're on the back side of the storm, the wind is coming from the north right now. That's not the good side of the building for me. I am on the North side of the building, so my windows are rattling, but everything else is fine. It's not lightning or anything yet.

My computer is not in a good position for the storm if the winds continue from the North. My north windows are vulnerable. So, I hope I continue to have the ability to write in the morning.

Well, I'm going back into my bedroom now on the south interior side of the building and try to get some more sleep.

Love to all.


Friday, September 23, 2005

7:09 PM - Sept. 23, 2005 - And Then The Rains Came...

The rains just started accompanied by winds. I sat outside on the stairs with my downstairs neighbors drinking my last glass of wine. I shared what I have with them, and I have no more, but it was great. We enjoyed the early breezes, and the gentle raindrops cooling us off from the hot day of battening down the hatches.

Then it started to rain harder, and it was time to move indoors. It's not really storming. It's just the edge of the storm, but this could be the last post I do until the storm is over. I will shut down the computer and unplug it to save it as much as possible, but I'll try to post later if it's possible.

If the lights go out, I have no radio or TV or anything except land line telephone, so I could be incommunicado, but trust that I am safe.

Send pink clouds (which there are many of right now in the sky at sunset) and love to the Rita so she can step down to 3, 2, 1, gentle rain and breezes. All is well and still pretty quiet on the home front.

Love to everyone.

2:28 pm - 9/23/05 - Playing the waiting game...

I went out and nailed down some loose railing boards on my stairs and patio. I had been putting it off for a while, but it seemed like a good thing to do today. Don't want the wind putting them through my windows.

All my friends who are still in town checked in with each other to see how we're feeling, and we're all still feeling good about the potential for safety.

I've had some calls from around the country and some nice emails cheering me on for integrating the energy of "Becoming a Force of Nature."

Nothing much to report. All quiet on the home front. No more sound of boards being nailed. Most everyone is done with the preps, and now we're just waiting for the rain. There, or course, will be some rain. Houston always gets some rain where there's weather in the Gulf.

I'm wishing I had more ice. Those who know me know I'm an ice eater, and I seem to have eaten half a bag since yesterday. On advice of the TV, I put several more containers of water in the freezer so it can keep the freezer cold if the power is off.

It's funny to think that in a month I'll be packing everything up and leaving. This is a good prep for that too.

The wind is kicking up a bit now. The trees are blowing around a little, but still no rain. I'm going back to watching bad movies on TV and sending love to Rita.

More to come. I'll let you know when the rain starts. Love to all

Meditation with Hurricane Rita - 09/23/05 - 10:25 am Houston

I feel myself being drawn into an inner vision. I am lifted up above this storm to see the greater purpose, and I am inspired to share first the words of Mother Mary through my friend, Claire Papin. It's a song called Mary's Lullaby, and I don't have all the words, but these are the important ones that will calm fears and set up a protective field around us. Use it like a mantra for peace and comfort.

"Fill this home with love, fill this home with light and love, fill this home with love, light and love. Fill this home with peace, fill this home with peace and joy. Fill this home with peace, peace and joy."

I breathe a deep breath and align my crown with the one source and draw into myself the living connection with all that is.

I breathe in a deep breath into my forehead and align my vision with the vision of all that is for the highest and best good, all in divine order.

I breathe in a deep breath into my throat and align my voice, my words, with truth and comfort.

I breathe a deep breath into my heart and open up the unconditional love for myself, others and Hurricane Rita that all will be in harmony for the highest and best good of the whole. I ask that Isar, the winds of change, communicate with Rita for her gentle, loving connection with this earth.

I breathe a deep breath into my solar plexus and ask that my thoughts be the thoughts of the divine and that I find new ways of thinking and being in this world.

I breathe a deep breath into my navel and align all my relationships with my heart and surround them with unconditional love.

I breathe a deep breath into my root center and offer my body to the service of those in need. May I be a help and comfort to all those in fear for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. May divine protection surround us all and may we be lifted out of the survival mode and into sacred relationship.

I breathe a deep breath and connect with the earth and send her love, joy and peace. I thank her for her strength, support and bounty. And I allow myself to feel her energy fill me up with that strength, support and bounty.

What can I do to be of service during this challenge? What can I offer from my sacred space that will help others see the beauty, the power and the purpose of this changing time?

The answer comes that "You are right where you need to be, doing what you need to do, and all is well, and you are safe. The vision you saw years ago of people moving about the country with the help of the government is unfolding now as it is meant to do. Know that the outcome of all this change is placing people more in alignment with their purpose and mission in this world. It is reorienting their values to what is truly important, back to center. There is no judgement in the eye of this hurricane. It is simply doing what the powerful surges of energy from this planet have asked it to do to serve the greater good. Individuals cannot recognize this in time of crisis, but later they always say, it was the best thing, that it changed their lives, and a new life was born from an event they would not have chosen, but really needed to move them out of old patterns. Aquarius is born of the Virgin. Rita is Virgo, the virgin, and Katrina was as well. But Katrina birthed in Virgo, and so cleared the path. Rita births in Libra and so restores harmony and balance to a war-torn world. The U.S. is not the only place experiencing these changes right now. Look at the bigger picture. Look at the natural events around the world right now. Change is under way. Change is inevitable. Aquarius takes the reigns from Pisces, and the air now rules the water. Unconditional love births only perfection, no matter what it looks like to our human minds. Follow your guidance. Follow your heart. Stay or go based on the core of your being, and you will be in the right place at the right time for the right purpose. All is well, and you are safe. All is well, and you are living your truth. All is well, and you are being given an opportunity to change yourself and the lives of all who read this meditation. -- Shilam-Si-Ra, a being of balance in this time of Libra."

And so it is. Take this meditation to your hearts and see what it tells you for your own lives. I look forward to hearing from you, and I'll keep writing unless my phone lines and electricity are down. I'm moving my car away from the trees and away from the lower areas of potential flooding. I have prepared all I can, and now again I wait and watch and share with all of you.

Friday, Sept. 23, 2005 - 8:30

I just woke up to the hammering of boards on homes around me having slept very deeply after my glass of wine. I remember dreaming a great deal, but no conscious remembrance of the dreams.

The news of the bus fire that killed all the elderly fleeing passengers is such a devastating tragedy. It's so sad. My deepest sympathy goes out to their families and friends. It's a terrible thing when death and destruction occur when that's what we're trying to prevent. I will pray for the comfort of the living and the dead.

I took a really good shower last night and washed my hair just in case I can't do that for a few days, I'll start out clean. I have wipees and extra water in pitchers and tea kettles and other containers that can be used for washing things, and I have good bottled water for drinking.

Right now I'm having a cup of excellent coffee with hazelnut creamer. I'm getting ready to do my morning breathing and centering exercises and invoking the heart's and soul's desires of all my friends and all those who are in fear of this storm. I'm going to sit on the back steps and enjoy this cooler weather this morning while I have my coffee and invoke. It's 79 degrees F. (26 C) right now. Lovely after yesterday's very hot temp. And the clouds are beginning to gather. No rain yet at my house though I can feel it coming in the breeze.

I'm wearing my favorite cute pink jeans and top so if I have to leave, I'll be comfortable and feel good in them. Pink is love, and I want to share as much love as I can.

Well, Good Morning World, I'll be back after meditation to record what I get.

Peace, love and harmony.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005 - almost over

This long, slow day of waiting for the storm is almost over. I drank a nice glass of wine to wind me down for the night, and I will soon go off to sleep to do my dreamtime work.

The long lines of traffic continue, and I'm so grateful that I'm safe in my bed in the air conditioning. I'm watching a foreign film on cable called "The Dreamers." It's so French, and just dark enough to match this simmering energy of Rita, the Trickster. She's a sly one, and angry. She's a Virgo, so whatever she does, she'll be meticulous with it. It will either be perfect destruction or a perfect orchestration of missing the populated areas and showing how compassionate Virgo can be.

Katrina was a Virgo as well, born just as we moved from Leo to Virgo. Whew, I'm glad she wasn't a Leo. Being one myself, I can tell you it would have been even more dramatic. Katrina means virginal, so she was true to her sign. Rita means pearl, so will it be a pearl of great price or a pearl of wisdom? It remains to be seen.

I'm sending her love to invoke a compassionate and gentle pearl of wisdom.

I've talked to my family members, all three of my children and know they are well and safe. I've checked in with my "pod" of friends and know they are where they feel they need to be. I've even checked in with some people I needed to make amends with, just in case. It's amazing how forgiving people can be when the survival mechanism kicks in. The petty grievances just don't really matter. Why can't we remember that and just forget being petty and love each other and express it continuously?

Tomorrow while I wait some more, I plan to work on my spiritual website. I'm integrating, my business writing site with my spiritual site. It's time to be whole again and not divide myself between two worlds that exist side by side.

It is a bit difficult to focus though when all the group consciousness is focused on Rita. Let's give ourselves a break and focus on something other than destruction and fear and devastation. I'd like to manifest something more beautiful, like community and sharing and celebration - and there is a lot of that happening.

It's 11:36 pm Houston time. All is well, and I'm off to Dream land. See you all in the morning.

Hugs to all, wishing you gentle breezes and easy winds of change.


Hurricane Preps

Today is the autumnal equinox, and I am in Houston, Texas preparing for Hurricane Rita to hit the Gulf Coast. I decided to blog the ride in case anything happens to me, at least this journal will be here to document it as long as possible.

I started today at Onion Creek, my favorite coffee shop in the Heights on White Oak Blvd. (Close to White Oak Bayou, a potential flood hazard in a hurricane.) It was closed, but the regulars were there helping board it up so we'll have it back when this is done. They had free coffee for us, and it was great comraderie. Everyone seemed resigned to sticking around, especially since the exit routes are horrible right now.

Yesterday, at work, we unhooked all our computers and put them in interior offices and closed the doors. We forwarded our phones to our Dallas office, and shut down until at least Monday, depending on what happens here. We have lots of huge windows in the building, and a beautiful view, but not a good thing in a hurricane, especially if it's a big one.

It was a huge panic everywhere. I went out at lunchtime to get water from Whole Foods because all the grocery stores were out of every kind of water and ice. I was lucky to find water, and the group mind was so out of control and panicked. For some reason, I'm very calm and know that I need to stay here. I'm not sure what I will have to experience, but I'll share it as long as I have a computer.

I still feel the path of the hurricane can change at any time and head south where it belongs, in the dry parched lower Texas and Northern Mexico lands. But, hey, a girl can dream.

I went out yesterday to buy tires for my car. I need all four new ones, but I couldn't find any the size I need, so I gave up. I went back this morning, but they did not have them in my tire size at two other places, so I decided it was an omen to stay here, and if I have to leave, I'll leave with someone who has good tires.

I bought water, chips, crackers, fruits and things I can eat with no cooking if it comes to that. It's all things I can use either way, but I feel more prepared. I forgot to get ice, and today there was none to be found, and most convenience stores were closed. However, I found a liquor store open and she still had ice. Now I feel like I have everything I need.

The woman at the liquor store said she stayed open because she had no other place to go and as a liquor store in Houston, it's already breakin proofed with iron bars etc. Lots of people were there buying liquor. I guess they feel they might need a drink if it gets rough around here. I have a large bottle of wine to put me to sleep because in a big storm my adrenalin kicks in. I've been in the middle of a big tornado here that took away two apartment complexes around me and only took my chimney and imploded my skylight, but that was a different house. I was on adrenalin for about 3 days then.

I'm in a brick four-plex on the north side of the building, and I can close off my bedroom and only have one exposed window that has a wrought iron gate across it, so I feel ok about shattering windows and potentials like that. If it gets bad, I'll go inside the bathroom or closet and close the doors and be as protected as anyone can get here. It's a strong building that has withstood several hurricanes through the years. I already had lots of tall 7-day jar candles because I like to burn them, so I feel like I'll hav light if the power fails.

I have friends I can go stay with, but I really just feel like being at home. I have this feeling like it is important to stay here. Besides, it's a parking lot on all the freeways out of town right now, so it would be futile to be trying to get away from here. I'd rather wait until the last minute and deal with the consequences of my choice.

If I should go home to my maker, I'm ready for that too. I'm not afraid. I feel very happy and confident about life, weather and meeting challenges. I love my children, and they know that, and they are grown and headed into their own lives. I'm free to enjoy life and make crazy choices like this if I want to now.

Being a psychic, I feel that Houston is not going to get the brunt of the storm, and I'm holding a vision for it to make a left turn and head down to the parts of Texas and Mexico that really need the rain. I also envision it dropping down to a much lower number hurricane. Everybody can help me count it down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - gentle breezes and loving rain.

Right now, it's in the high 90s, a beautiful hot sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. One thing I note is that I haven't seen a huge exodus of birds flying away. They feel the air current changes first and begin to leave, and that is not happening yet. So far, so good.

Oh well, that's all for now. I'll write more as it develops.

-- Sandy Penny,